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[Case Study] Taiga and Zea Automate 3D Interactive Parts Catalog

As trailblazers in the off-road electric vehicle (EV) industry, Taiga Motors Inc. sets ambitious standards for innovation and sustainability. When faced with the challenge of creating an efficient and scalable parts and service catalogue that preserves their critical intellectual property, Taiga turned to Zea for a solution.

Vue du catalogue de pièce intéractif 3D du Taiga Nomad sur la platforme Zea

The Challenge

Taiga, with its commitment to electrify the off-road industry, has always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in electric powersport vehicles. As demands on the after-sales teams increased, Taiga sought a solution to create and maintain their parts catalog through engineering changes and new model introductions.

The Solution

Zea stepped in with a plan to address Taiga's needs. With a focus on preserving Taiga's core enabling technology by extracting sensitive motor and battery information, Zea also implemented a system that intelligently obfuscated sensitive 3D model data. This approach maintained the security of Taiga's confidential information and capitalized on3D models to create an interactive spare parts catalog, eliminating the need for time-consuming 2D illustrations.

Searching a Taiga Orca watercraft by serial number and hiding the deck - Zea Parts

Success Metrics

Viewing all the serviceable parts of an assembly - Zea Parts

Following Zea's Success Plan with the Orca personal watercraft, Taiga produced a complete parts catalog for their entire Nomad family of snowmobiles in a matter of days—a testament to the scalability and efficiency of Zea's 3D platform.

Zooming in and clicking on a part from the Taiga Nomad snowmobile - Zea Parts

Experience with Zea

Reflecting on the success of the collaboration, Paul Achard, Co-Founder and VP of Engineering at Taiga, stated:

"Our priority was to give maximum transparency to our catalog users while retaining very fast turnaround on catalog updates. Zea has delivered fantastically on those objectives."

Some of the key benefits of the project include:

  • Scalable Automation: Parts catalogs are produced with a few simple clicks.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: The seamless integration of a rule-based system ensures sensitive designs remain confidential.
  • Serial-number level detail: The parts catalog will show the user a specific 3D model based on the vehicle serial number.

Hiding the deck to view internal components on the Orca personal watercraft - Zea Parts


Taiga's vision for revolutionizing powersports and Zea's vision to organize the world's equipment information have forged a relationship that streamlines processes and contributes to Taiga's ability to update quickly while maintaining accurate service information. Achieving both automation and security, this case study is a prime example of how collaboration can transform complex industry challenges into a competitive advantage.

About Taiga Motors Inc.

Taiga was born to electrify the off-road segment, the most challenging and demanding vehicle category. As a trailblazing off-road EV manufacturer, our product line includes mountain, trail, and utility snowmobiles, as well as personal watercraft models.

At our core, we are an innovative technology company who designs purpose-built electric powertrains for outdoor adventure by championing advanced engineering. With a clean-sheet manufacturing approach and rigorous performance standards, these revolutionary off-road vehicles turn dreams into destinations.

We are redefining the future of outdoor exploration by giving enthusiasts the ability to sustainably explore the waters of the world, and snowy scenery without compromising performance and power.

Our vision is simple, accelerate off-road electrification with our mass-production capabilities.

About Zea

At Zea, we believe that providing high-quality product documentation signals to your clients that you're with them for the long run and that you stand behind your equipment. We also think it should be easy to do.

That's why we've built a next-generation3D cloud platform specifically designed for manufacturers. From creating technical illustrations to building easy-to-use and interactive 3D parts catalogs using 3D models, Zea helps anyone deliver an unforgettable after-sales experience without compromising data security.

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